Aglaya González (Viola) and Roberto Alonso (Violin)

The Zinko or ZnO duet was initially founded in 2016 with the intention of exploring, publicizing, and continuing to expand the magnificent existing repertoire for violin and violin. Its name plays with the idea of the five strings that the instrumental combination comprises and the chemical formula of zinc oxide (ZnO = Zinc + Oxygen), a compound commonly used by the luthieres of the golden age in the preparation of their varnishes. The duo explores a repertoire that includes music from the early Baroque to avant-garde and experimental works, both in its acoustic and electronic formations, through its collaborations with the Cypriot composer Tychonas Michailidis. ZnO emerges as a new platform that, while being based on the magnificent individual trajectories of its members, understands and explores the exquisite music tradition for this versatile instrumental ensemble.