Debris Project


Debris Project

Debris project is a call for new electronic compositions presented in collaboration with Vertixe Sonora, Phonos Foundation, and DME. Debris is part of the Demiurge project (Marek Poliks + Roberto Alonso). It takes a selection of the sounds generated by its GAN architecture as a point of departure to establish new narrative levels. The following diagram shows the relationship between Debris and Demiurge projects:




Call for Works

Debris project is a call for new music for fixed electronic means that exclusively explore, through the application of any sound transformation techniques (DSPs, fluid corpus manipulation/granular synthesis, physical modelling synthesis, etc.),  the materials found in the Demiurge’s Debris database. The project’s interdisciplinary committee [Marek Poliks (Berklee) / Roberto Alonso (HKBU) / Pablo Coello (Vertixe) / Ramón Souto (Vertixe) / Ángel Faraldo (Phonos) / Jaime Reís (DME)] will select a maximum of 6 of those works to be used as part of Demiurge’s project and for their commercial publication as a CD recording. The works will be presented in Hong Kong, Vigo, Barcelona, and Lisbon. 

  • Each awardee will receive a 400 € prize.
  • The works should have a maximum duration of 12 minutes.
  • Interested applicants may send (a link) the following material to
    • Audio files, both:
      • Audio file in .aiff  format (16/24bit at 44.1/48kHz sampling rate) containing the stereo or binaural version of the piece.
      • An interleaved multichannel surround version (up to 8 channels) of the audio files including each of the channels inside a separate folder along with set-up/routing information on a separate sheet. 
    • Resumé
    • Links to other material available online
  • The application deadline is October 15, 2021.
  • To access the Debris database please click on the image below: