Born in Vigo (Spain) in 1983. He starts his violin studies at the age of seven in his hometown with professor Armando Toledo and professor Laura Quintillán. In 2001 he moves to London, becoming student of professor Luzia Ibragimova (Yehudi Menuhin School) and, later, professor Jacqueline Ross (2002) and Nathaniel Vallois (2004) at Birmingham Conservatoire. During this period in the United Kingdom he completes a Bachelor of Music with Honours in 2005, is awarded a scholarship by the Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation to undertake a Master of Music postgraduate program, finished in 2006, and completes a doctoral program (PhD) in 2012.

He attends courses and master-classes with musicians and violin players of the relevance of Natasha Boyarskaya, Rosa Fein, Mark Lubotsky, Dora Schwarzberg, Isabelle Van Keulen, Joji Hattori, Malcolm Layfield, Boris Garlitsky or Victor Pikayzen. In 2006 he is awarded the Joseph Weingarten Scholarship to attend lessons with professor Vilmos Szabadi at the Ferenc Liszt Conservatory in Budapest. Besides his ample individual, orchestral and theoretical training he was a founding and active member of various chamber music groups, developing an intensive international performing and pedagogical career. At present he is a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Moores School of Music (University of Houston), as part of Dr Kirsten Yon’s studio at that institution. He plays on an 1835 Francesco Mauritzi violin and a Claude Thomassin bow.


Roberto Alonso Trillo


2007 – 2012

Birmingham Conservatoire. Doctorado en Música. PhD

2005 – 2006

Birmingham Conservatoire.
Master of Music

2002 – 2005

Birmingham Conservatoire. Bachelor of Music (Honours)


2014 – present

J.K. & Libbie Levin Scholarship Fund

Richard Y. Grant Music Scholarship Endowment Fund


Weingarten Scholarship for the Ferenc Liszt Conservatory in Budapest

2005 – 2006

Scholarship by Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation to undertake a Master of Music


Silvia Cleaver Chamber Music Prize


2014 – present

Moores School of Music – Graduate Teaching Assistant.

2012 – present

Freelance violin player, teacher and researcher.

2009 – present

Joven Orquesta y Coro de Centroamérica – Pedagogical director.

2012 – 2013

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras – Visiting lecturer and violin teacher.

2009 – 2010

Instituto Internacional de Música Ibérica (Spain/Guatemala) – Violin teacher.

2008 – 2009

Edward Said National Conservatory (Jerusalem) – Teacher of violin, viola, chamber music and theory.

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His ample solo performing experience starts at an early age in Spain, subsequently expanding on an international level in the United States, United Kingdom, Croatia, France, Israel, Palestine, Morocco, Guatemala, Salvador or Honduras. He attends courses and master-classes with very relevant personalities of the international panorama performing a wide repertoire. He has been a member and collaborator of numerous chamber and contemporary music groups. At present he is a member of the Vertixe Sonora Ensemble in Spain and the Aura Ensemble in Houston and has also established a performing partnership with pianist Hanqing Zhou.

As a member of the violin duet cuatromenosdos he presents, in 2005, a recording of Prokofiev’s sonata for two violins and other works by Alfred Schnittke, Tomás Marco and Jordi Cervelló. They perform in England and Spain, focusing on the contemporary repertoire and winning the Silvia Cleaver chamber music prize in 2005. In the month of January 2006 he performs with the BCMG (Birmingham Contemporary Music Group), one of the most highly regarded contemporary music ensembles in Europe. With pianist Magdalena Nasildak he performs, on a regular basis, in the United Kingdom. During his residence in Israel he also works together with pianist Olga Gollej. He has collaborated as well, on numerous occasions, on free improvisatory performances, with either contemporary dance, silent cinema or poetry recitation. He has taken part, with Tychonas Mychailidis and Sebastiano Dessanay, on an experimental improvisatory project that includes electro-acoustic elements and haptic feedback.

In 2012 he recorded Tomas Marco’s chamber violin music with pianist Cristina Pato and cellist Nesrine Belmokh. The Spanish record company Ouvirmos published his album “Solo – Contemporary Violin”, including newly-commissioned solo violin works composed by some of the most significant composers of the younger Spanish generation such as Fernando Buide, Eduardo Soutullo, Octavio Vázquez and David Gálvez, in 2013. The album is available in all the major online distribution companies. He is currently working on a new record project that will comprise Bach’s Partita No. 1 for solo violin and a selection of twelve new works commissioned to some of the most interesting young composers of the international panorama.


He finished a doctoral program (PhD) in the United Kingdom in 2012, supervised by professors Ronald Woodley and Peter Johnson, his research being focused on the violin music written by the Spanish contemporary composer Tomás Marco and its relationship with other members of the 1951 Generation and the international avant-garde panorama. During the past few years he has developed a holistic analytical approach to contemporary music that, taking as a point of departure an ontological examination of musical time, seeks to close the harmful gap between the analytical, performative, sociological and philosophical considerations of music.

His research interests and areas of expertise include diverse subjects, such as: Theodor W. Adorno’s philosophy of music and time, the analysis of performance with digital tools, historic-sociological study of contemporary music and a wider interest in performance-related issues. His doctoral dissertation, entitled ‘Tomás Marco: a holistic approach with particular regard to selected works for violin’, is under preparation for its future publication.

He has done presentations on the employment of mutes in the solo violin work of Giacinto Scelsi (2006) and on the relationship between the Italian violin player Nicolo Paganini and Heinrich Wilheim Ernst (2005). He has also done, as part of his doctoral program, various presentations, to mention a few: on the relevance of the ZAJ movement (related to the European Fluxus) in Spain in the 1960s, on the role of 1951 Generation in the Spanish musical avant-garde of the twentieth century and on the possibility of an analysis of the heterochronic structures of musical time.

He has published various articles on the 48ºN 8ºW magazine: ‘La influencia de las Tesis sobre la Filosofía de la Historia de Walter Benjamin en Hay que caminar … soñando de Luigi Nono’ (No. 10, 2007); ‘Reflexiones desde la tierras de Canaán’ (No. 12, 2009) and ‘Apuntes a una ontología de la obra como proceso e interpretación’ (No. 15, 2012). At present, he is preparing various articles for their forthcoming publication, to mention a few: 1) ‘Music and politics in the Spain of the 1960s: the case of Tomás Marco’ 2) ‘ZAJ and Futurism: from Henri Bergson to Tomás Marco’ 3) ‘Critical notes on the ontological dimension of the musical work’.


At present he is a Graduate Teaching Assistant and the Moores School of Music (University of Houston), a position that he combines with further pedagogical projects (British International School and Bridges Academy) as well as with his various research projects and an intensive performing agenda.

In May 2012 he is appointed, as a result of an agreement between JOCCA (Young Central-American Orchestra) and the Universitat de València in Spain, visiting lecturer and violin teacher at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, a position that involved the teaching of violin, viola, chamber music, orchestra and a number of academic subjects including “Violin pedagogy”, “Twentieth century violin performance”, “Theodor W. Adorno’s sociology of music: an introduction” and “Performance analysis through digital tools: an introduction”.

His violin pedagogical methodology takes as a point of departure the knowledge acquired on his University studies, being greatly influenced by his work with teachers with a large experience in important institutions such as the Purcell School (Nathaniel Vallois) and Menuhin School (Luzia Ibragimova) in London and the Moores School of Music in Houston (Kirsten Yon). He teaches extensively in London between 2010 and 2012. He also teaches violin, viola, chamber music and theory at graduate and undergraduate level at the Edward Said National Conservatory in Jerusalem and Bethlehem during the 2008-2009 academic course. He works as a teacher and organizer of the JOCCA for the IIMI (International Institute of Iberian Music) between August 2009 and January 2010. With that institution (IIMI) he collaborates on a regular basis on international pedagogical and performing projects.