This project addresses one of the facets of that continuous search that articulates, at different levels, my relationship with the violin. It aims to gather the current creation that, expanding the instrument’s repertoire, mirrors the voice of the contemporary man, his reflections and his concerns.

The project does not take any concrete idea as a point of departure, seeking instead to present works composed (expressly, with the only exception of O Pulcre Facies) with the absolute freedom that allows the composers to explore their own lines of work, their preoccupations, their differences and their unknown similarities. It also mirrors part of my professional experience during the last few years, the endeavour of young Galician (Fernando Buide, Eduardo Soutullo and Octavio Vázquez), Spanish (Tomás Marco and David Gálvez) and Latin-American (Samuel Robles) composers that, through their significant international projection, are the living history of contemporary music.

I owe them my gratitude: their human dimension, their music, has enriched my world, my personality and my relationship with the violin. I shall also thank Olga Gollej, excellent pianist, great musician and superb enabler of impossible projects. It is only a small contribution, what I would define as a return to a pure and naked dialogue with the instrument, to the “inescapable solitude of the musician (of the artist)”, it is thus an introspective trip. The project is fondly dedicated to the figure of Francisco Comesaña.